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Please read our News Update page concerning the passing of Don Dominguez and Robert (Bob) Farnsworth

GDC was developed by Bob Farnsworth of Texoma Tire Buyers, Inc.


Texoma Tire Buyers, Inc. was established in 1973 with Bob Farnsworth and a group of independent dealers who collectively purchased tires in order to get the quantity lot prices. Over the years Texoma has grown into a formative buying group, now wholly owned.  GDC was developed later on in the 80’s out of a need to distribute tires to members who needed to split larger shipments from combined trailer load purchases. While most Texoma Tire members receive direct factory shipments, there were instances where trailer loads needed to be split among several dealers. Don Dominguez was a long time friend of Bob's and has been instrumental in getting GDC aligned with a core group of great suppliers. We are deeply indebted to Don for his work in getting GDC a presence on the Web and his efforts to put this site together. Don's experience in the tire business has helped us immensely with this program.


GDC is now being introduced to prospective buyers of farm, off-the-road, and industrial tires (TITAN TIRE). A complete line of medium truck radial tires is also available (LEAO TIRES). Orders (depending upon the size of the order) will either be shipped direct from the manufacturer's facility or it can be picked up from our warehouse in Denton, Texas.  GDC is promoting a New Line of Farm and Implement Tires named ( STARMAXX ),with a new Direct Container Program available.  GDC  is stocking a minimum Inventory.   Shipments are also possible out of the Denton location – subject to available inventory and delivery restrictions.   Ron Farnsworth is managing  the operations of the GDC warehouse.


Please read our News Updates page regarding the passing of both Don Dominguez and Robert "Bob" Farnsworth.

Needless to say, Don's passing caught us by surprise. Since it was his phone and contact info that was previously listed on these pages, we have probably missed responding to some of your inquiries. We have updated the phone information, and will make sure our e-mail information is checked daily at this website.

Call: 940-210-2685

Please contact us at info@tiregroup-gdc.com 

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